Kickstarter Prelaunch Kit

Kickstarter Prelaunch Kit

August 20th. All out war.


Our $1 pre-pledge kit includes:


digital map by Domille's Wondrous Works

10 of our best audio files from Fantasy Complete I-IV

60 days of Fantasy+ subscription time, so you can try out the beta before we rebuild the application from scratch


Fantasy+ is the future of tabletop audio. No other application can contest its quality or $4.99 price point. We must work together to ensure its idealized manifestation. Your $1 contribution will add you to our Kickstarter mailing list, where you'll receive updates on our progress.


Join us on the frontlines, as we engage the final boss. Visit our Kickstarter prelaunch page here.

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The Kickstarter pre-pledge kit contains 10 professional audio assets

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Music & Ambiance

10 of our most stunning audio files

dww river path 30x30 0000 base

Award-Nominated Digital Map

from Domille's Wondrous Works





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I’ve bought every single release up to this point. Your music is amazing, and I’ve loved it all.

Baylee A

Monument has done something quite remarkable. They have assembled absolutely fantastic music that have meaningful impact on my D&D games. The quality of music is excellent.

How to be a Great GM

Set the mood to awesome. I look forward to seeing what comes next from your excellent team!

Trevar F

Using their products feels like I'm not just enhancing my gaming setup, but also joining a community that values quality and service. It's this blend of awesome sound and sincere support that makes Monument a key part of my gaming routine.

Fantasy Grounds Academy

Monument Studios is unparalleled in their ability to craft enchanting fantasy music. It has consistently enhanced our streaming experience.

Bards of New York

The amount and quality has been absolutely amazing and well beyond the price I paid. This was a no-brainer purchase for me! Thank you.

Eddie F

I love the subtlety in many of the tracks, which makes them very usable for scenes. The don’t compete with dialogue and you can feel the kind of scenes that would pair nicely with them.

Manahi T

Amazing! Monument Studios for the win!

Slices & Dices

Ever since I discovered Monument Studios back during the original Fantasy Complete release, I have been in "shut up and take my money" mode ever since.

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