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Frequently Asked Questions

After a purchase from our store, you will receive two emails. The first email is an order confirmation. The second email contains the link that will take you to your direct downloads.

99% of Fantasy+'s problems can be solved by ensuring that you are on a desktop device, using Google Chrome, and clearing your cache. Since it is a web app for the time being, clearing your cache is highly effective in resolving bugs of all kinds. If the bug persists, please contact us with a detailed explanation so that we can have our development team get it sorted.

Start by clicking your profile image in the top right corner. Then, click "Default" -- this will initialize your session and give you a blank slate to start from. To browse our library for an audio file, click on "Choose Track". Most users use the 4 slots on the left for musical tracks and the 4 slots on the right for ambient soundscapes. Once you locate a track you'd like to add to the playlist, simply click on the audio file. Once you've built a playlist, click the "save" button located in the header options, and give your new playlist a name.

Yes! Simply click your profile in the top right corner and hit manage subscription. From there, hit cancel and you will not be billed again. Your account and playlists will remain usable until the time on your account runs out.

To turn looping on/off, simply toggle the "Repeat" function located directly above the playlist. If enabled, Fantasy+ will continue to loop any audio that you play, forever.

Of course; Fantasy+ is in beta and in its current iteration there are bugs. We want long standing relationships with creative people in the community. This project is not a short term cash-grab. If you're unhappy please contact us and we'll get it squared away.

We thrive on community feedback for quality of life updates and patches! Please reach out via email with any suggestions for features you'd like to see, future content releases or any general feedback.

Of course! Our packs come with a royalty free license, so feel free to use the sounds in any way you see fit. You do not have to worry about copyright strikes.

We understand that hard drives can fail; that computers can break down. All purchases come with 2 direct downloads! These do not expire. Please contact us for any exceptions.

Generally speaking, no. There are some exceptions to this rule that mainly revolve around fraud/identity theft. Our products are 100% digital and therefore non-returnable.

We have over 15 years of experience with audio engineering & creating music. It's something we've been passionate about for a long time.