Fantasy Complete IV

Fantasy Complete IV

TTRPGs have never been this cinematic


This is the largest, highest quality TTRPG asset library in the world. Fantasy 4 contains 27.3GB of audio:


82 fantasy scores & ambiance

88 action & drama scores

15 dystopian scores

48 environmental landscapes (forests, winter, rain, etc)

81 location-based sound design (taverns, villages, bazaars, etc)


Sound Effects:

152 Magic spells

125 Enemies (monsters, undead, dragons, etc)

29 World sounds (vendors, quest pickups, castle doors, explosions, etc)

10 Cinematic textures (booms, braams)


100% copyright free

Alternative mp3 version available

Roll20 compatible

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Fantasy IV contains 596 professional audio assets
Medieval B

Music & Ambiance

185 music files, from tasteful ambiance to show-stopping epics

Warcraft Type Beat

Sound Design & Effects

411 remote landscapes recorded around the world & ultra-dynamic sound effects









Sound Effects


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Monument has done something quite remarkable. They have assembled absolutely fantastic music that have meaningful impact on my D&D games. The quality of music is excellent.

How to be a Great GM

Using their products feels like I'm not just enhancing my gaming setup, but also joining a community that values quality and service. It's this blend of awesome sound and sincere support that makes Monument a key part of my gaming routine.

Fantasy Grounds Academy

Monument Studios is unparalleled in their ability to craft enchanting fantasy music. It has consistently enhanced our streaming experience.

Bards of New York

Bought this for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The whole soundtrack is perfect. Fits nicely with my campaign. The ambient sounds and music are well composed, thought out and played beautifully. Couldn't be happier. :)

Mike M

Ultra high quality samples right out of the box. I have to say the quality of music is amazing.

Gael M

You guys have many competitors out there, but the value and quality of what you’re putting out is very high! Keep it up!

Manahi T
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