A western audio toolkit, in partnership with Fantasy Grounds Academy


When partnering with FGA, we were informed of what sounds were missing in the Western TTRPG space. This thematic audio toolkit contains sounds that can’t be obtained from any other tabletop audio provider.


Frontier includes 5.75GB of classic & cinematic western audio files:


29 music & ambience files

49 environmental & sound design files

212 sound effects (weapons, world sounds, etc)


100% copyright free

Alternative mp3 version included

Roll20 compatible

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Headphones recommended

Frontier contains 290 professional audio assets

AdobeStock 609621970

Music & Ambiance

29 cinematic-western music files

AdobeStock 621697480

Sound Design & Effects

261 remote landscapes recorded around the world & ultra-dynamic sound effects







Sound Effects


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Monument has done something quite remarkable. They have assembled absolutely fantastic music that have meaningful impact on my D&D games. The quality of music is excellent.

How to be a Great GM

Using their products feels like I'm not just enhancing my gaming setup, but also joining a community that values quality and service. It's this blend of awesome sound and sincere support that makes Monument a key part of my gaming routine.

Fantasy Grounds Academy

Monument Studios is unparalleled in their ability to craft enchanting fantasy music. It has consistently enhanced our streaming experience.

Bards of New York
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